Science on display

Our mission

Gallery 1064 is curated for inquisitive minds and inspired by innovation. We use art to make an impact and celebrate the beauty of science. Together, we can make science more accessible and embrace discovery through the lens of creative expression.

Our online gallery is stocked with a hand-picked, rotating collection of fine art created by science artists around the world.


Eureka Moments

Hi – I’m Vale, the founder and artistic director of Gallery 1064.

My life has always revolved around science, and I love to use illustration as a tool to share my knowledge with the world. After earning my PhD in biophysics, I shifted into research and built a career working with fiber optics and electrooptical modulators. Every day, I set out to answer new questions and solve exciting problems.

There’s something magical about eureka moments when a scientific discovery clicks into place. Thought-provoking works of art have the same magic! Fine art is visceral, intuitive, and inspiring – especially when it’s linked with something that you love.


Making Connections

Behind the Name

The 1064nm infrared laser is one of the mostly versatile, widely used tools across all scientific specialties. This specific wavelength inspires and drive us! Gallery 1064 exists to connect all STEAM enthusiasts and move the art of science beyond academia.