Diagonal Scenes / Solo Show by Marco La Fratta

Diagonal Scenes / Solo Show by Marco La Fratta

Diagonal Scenes is the first solo show by Marco La Fratta for Gallery 1064.

The collection feature surprising artworks, experimental both in its creation and in the fruition by the collector. The two main pieces, Diagonal Scene /1 and Diagonal Scene /2, are a composition of twelve individual images, each featuring a striking diagonal composition across, that combine together to create a larger geometry; the work is portrayed in black and white, allowing us to concentrate better on forms, lights and shadows. The collector is invited to contribute to the creation of the artwork: they can decide to challenge the artist’s choice and rearrange the individual scenes with different and innovative symmetries.

This playful element of the collection, inviting the viewer to interact with the shots, creates a level of intimacy with the individual scenes too. The harsh geometrics that make the larger composition are counterbalanced by the much softer details in the scenes, often portraying images of intimate everyday life.

Diagonal Scenes celebrate how every moment can become a special moment if we make it one, how even the mundane can become significant as part of bigger composition.

Opening April 1st