Josh Stein Solo Show

Josh Stein Solo Show

This collection represents the first solo show by Josh Stein for Gallery 1064.

The collection is the quintessential description of Josh's philosophy, playing on how perception and context inform real-world experiences of art as art, as a thing which occupies space, time, emotion, and memory. All motives that the artist cleverly trigger by mixing natural and ultraviolet lights in combination with palette-knifed metallic and fluorescent acrylics on canvas.

The viewer is invited to recognize the artifice, and then actively continue to participate in it in order to make the experience unique to them. The collection, developed through an almost-scientific interactive, iterative, and evolutionary process, comments on how we see, how the eye understands and makes meaning. Exploring the intersections between natural and ultraviolet lights, the artist discovers how context informs meaning: the same line can mean different things in different literal lights.

Josh Stein;s work is playful, colorful, surreal and unexpected. It drives emotions making use of a scientific approach on lights, shadows, light-matter interaction and our own perception of the whole. 


Experience the collection in "immersion view", to benefit from a unique 4D experience with musical tracks written by the artist and with interactive sliders to change the lighting condition seamlessly. 

Explore the collection in immersion viEw