Diagonal Scenes opens on April 1st 2022

Diagonal Scenes opens on April 1st 2022

Posted by Valentina Ferro

Diagonal Scenes” is the first solo show by Marco La Fratta for Gallery 1064, opening on April 1st 2022.

Marco La Fratta is a multipotentialite artist, focusing on sustainable design, photography, podcasting and filmmaking. 

This highly experimental collection uses geometry, symmetry, shapes and composition to reinterpret the significance of intimate and mundane everyday moments. 

The two main pieces, Diagonal Scene /1 and Diagonal Scene /2, are a composition of twelve individual images, each featuring a striking diagonal composition across, that combine together to create a larger geometry; the work is portrayed in black and white, allowing us to concentrate better on forms, lights and shadows. The viewer is invited to contribute to the creation of the artwork: they can decide to challenge the artist’s choice and rearrange the individual scenes with different and innovative symmetries.

Read our interview with the artist, and check the Diagonal Scenes Collection for the artwork.


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